What makes it "Christian" Erotica?
Ask five different Christian erotica authors and you'd probably get five different answers to that question. Everyone has their own interpretation of what is right and wrong, and I have my own rules that govern the erotica I write. Not everyone will agree with them, but they work for me. In my little world, all the sex takes place consensually between a husband and wife in the covenant of marriage. That means only between those two people - no threesomes, swapping, strangers, one-night stands, or anything else that you'll find in secular erotica. But I believe that sex between a husband and wife can be wonderful, sensual, and fulfilling. That's what I write about.

Are any sex acts off the table in your stories?
In my world, anything mutually enjoyable, consensual and safely done in the marriage bed is okay with me. Vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, as long as it meets the criteria I just mentioned, you'll probably find it in my erotica. I don't really write about fetish sex, except for maybe an occasional gentle binding to the bedpost, that kind of thing.

What about the language in your erotica?
I really don't use a lot of risque language. The f-word is out - it's offensive to so many people, and I'm not comfortable using it myself. We have to have names for the boy-parts and girlie-parts, though, and "penis" and "vagina" are simply too clinical. I also don't like all those wild names that you see in romance novels... "his pillar of lust," or "her moist love tunnel." No one talks like that. I don't really like "dick" for the guys, because it is also used as a synonym for "jerk," as in, "That guy is a real dick!" Personally, I'm comfortable with the word "cock" - it sounds masculine, and its only other meaning as a noun is a rooster, which is somehow fitting. For girlie-parts, I can't stand the c-word; it is also used to describe a terrible woman, as in, "That bitch is a real c-word!" Doesn't work for me. "Pussy" is a word that I can live with, because it's also a kitty-cat, and I love that particular animal in God's creation. Bottom line, if you can live with "cock" and "pussy," you'll be fine with the language in my stories.

Aren't you encouraging lust for other people in your erotica?
I don't think so. It's my policy to never describe body parts - no "huge this or that," no "slender hips" or "rock-hard pecs," no body descriptions at all. I also give my characters generic everyday names, and don't go into accents, skin color, hair length. If I've done my job correctly, the reader can plug themselves and their spouse into the story. The lust and fantasy becomes with the reader's partner, not some sexual character that I've painted a verbal picture of.

I think that I recognized one of your stories, but someone else wrote it. What's the deal?
LOL. I write all my stories - just me. In my writing career I've used pen names in other genres - like most writers, including Steven King, J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, Agatha Christie, Michael Crichton... to name but a few. Over the years I've written under different names in different genres, and I started writing erotica under one that I'd used for a while. When my Christian erotica took off, I went strictly to DeDe O'Connor, but it's possible that you might have seen a story or two before under another name. It was me, though... DeDe!

Stay tuned, because other questions will be added as they come up. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting my website and reading my work!

DeDe O'Connor